General terms

General terms and conditions
Contract conditions for the purchase of E-Tickets

1. Object of the contract
By clicking the 'COMMIT TO BUY' button the customer acquires the right to visit the area of Silvretta Therme selected, at the specified time. They thereby initiate a binding entry ticket reservation, that includes entry ticket insurance. In addition, they expressly consent to Silvrettaseilbahn AG starting contract fulfilment and confirm recognition of loss of right of withdrawal upon the reservation being placed (§ 18 Para 1 L 1 Austrian Distance Selling act). Fee for the reservation is the full purchase price of customer's defined entry ticket placed in the basket during the booking process.

2. Delivery of ticket, inspection
The ticket will be issued electronically to the customer in a printable format (e.g. PDF). The customer is to present their ticket upon entry, in a format that can be checked, which can be a print out or a digital ticket.

3. Cancellation costs, entry ticket insurance
Silvrettaseilbahn AG provides a service in conjunction with leisure activities, whereby a specific time period is contractually provided for fulfilment of contract by the company. In addition to exceptions based on § 18 Para 1 L 1 (see point 1.) in the present case, § 18 Para 1 L 10 Austrian Distance Selling act is also applied; in both instances, right of rescission for the customer is legally excluded. Cancellation costs are 100% of the booked service, whereby these costs will, in certain instances, be covered by the entry ticket insurance included in the reservation. Details can also be found in the general contract conditions for entry ticket insurance in its respective valid version, which are added to the booking confirmation.


Valued Guests,
Upon purchase of an entry ticket, you are concluding a visitor agreement with Silvrettaseilbahn AG as operator of Silvretta Therme (truncated in the following to: 'operator') and thereby acknowledge the contractual content of the swimming policy below as legally binding:
1. Operator obligations
1.1. Granting of use of facilities, risk assumption of guests
(1) The operator enables guests to use the facilities at Silvretta Therme at their own risk, as part of the provisions stated in this swimming policy.
(2) It is not possible for the operator (or their staff), to generally prevent hazards and accidents. In particular those borne by the guests themselves during their swimming session or any associated personal risks to health from sports activities. The same applies to losses and other encroachments in a swimming guest's personal sphere by other guests or other third party who is not a staff member of Silvrettaseilbahn AG. The operator only assumes liability for stated obligations to guests.

1.2. Opening times and Admission
(1) The operator is obliged to enable the facilities to be visited at the times listed in notices or as stated by swim staff.
(2) If the permissible visitor number is exceeded, the operator may prohibit access to additional visitors with the help of authorised staff. In these instances, those who want to visit may have to wait.
(3) The operator reserves the right to refuse entry for a swim session to people who appear unscrupulous, without having to provide reasons.
(4) Animals are not permitted. This excludes police and rescue service animals, as well as guide dogs and assistance dogs, in so far as they are required for fulfilment of duties.
(5) In so far as it appears necessary for operative reasons, parts of the facilities may be closed or taken out of operation, upon advance notice. In so far as closure or shut-down of service by the operator is negligible in terms of effect (e.g. a sauna session can be continued in another cabin), there  is no entitlement to whole or part discount, or reimbursement of the entry fee.

1.3. Condition and use of the facilities
(1) The operator is to ensure that the facilities are properly set up, operated and maintained. In particular, the swim facilities must meet all applicable hygiene and safety guidelines. There are no additional obligations for the swim facilities.
(2) As soon as the operator becomes aware of fault, insufficiency or defect of the facilities or individual areas, which no longer make safe operation possible, the operator is to immediately prohibit use of the facilities or limit their use appropriately. Claim to full or partial refund of the entry fee will only be effected if the disruption is attributable to the gross negligence of the operator or their staff. In any case, refund in the event of minor negligence, or as a result of technical defect is excluded.

1.4. Checking swimming policy is being adhered to
The operator checks, in a reasonable scope, with assistance from their relevant staff, that guests and anyone who is in the swim facility area, abide by the swimming policy. Should disorderly conduct be ascertained, the persons concerned will be given a warning and may, where necessary, be excluded from the facility. Any entitlement to replacement or refund of the ticket price will not be available in this instance.

1.5. Assistance in the event of accidents
The operator's staff will immediately make all reasonable effort to perform First Aid or implement the requisite assistance measures. First Aid materials are available for swimming guests if required from swim staff. In the event of accidents, every swim guest is obligated by law to perform First Aid until the arrival of qualified rescue staff. Any accidents are to be reported as soon as possible to swim staff.

1.6. Assistance with control of apparent danger
If the operator, in particular the relevant staff, are told by guests about an imminent danger to the health or life of guests, the swim facility, with the help of staff to a reasonable extent, is to deal with the danger straight away.

1.7. Silvretta Therme visit by people with disabilities
People with disabilities have to estimate themselves whether and to what extent they are in a situation to use the respective swim facility. Should people with disabilities require assistance, support can be sought from swim staff, who, after assessing the situation, the nature of the request and according to capacity, will make a timely, fundamental, prudent and service-oriented decision.

1.8. Supervision of minors and non-swimmers
(1) Persons whose duty it is to supervise underage persons and non-swimmers (e.g. legal guardians, relatives or respective supervisory or care staff) are to look after these persons accordingly. When availing of attractions, an enhanced level of supervision applies. This duty to supervise also remains in place if supervisors do not enter the facilities, or leave early.
(2) The respective applicable legal provisions for the protection of children, in particular ban on alcohol and smoking, along with other obligations for supervisors and legal guardians etc. are to be observed by young persons and their supervisors or legal guardians. Non-swimmers and children up to the age of 10 may only enter Silvretta Therme when accompanied by an adult or supervisory person.

1.9. Supervision of group visits
For group visits, the supervisor in charge of clubs and other organisations or the respective official is to ensure the swimming provisions are upheld and they bear full responsibility for this. These supervisors are to be present for the entire duration of the group visit and are to be in the immediate vicinity of the group. Supervisors and the operator's supervisory staff are to foster appropriate understanding to ensure swimming sessions are not disturbed by a group visit.

1.10. Liability for the swimming facility
(1) The operator is only liable for damages that, they or their staff have caused the swimming guest by way of illegal conduct, in particular culpable behaviour contrary to contract. (2) the operator assumes no liability for damage caused by guests using objects from third parties.
(3) The operator is not liable for damage caused through disregard of the swimming policy, any other usage regulations, or through non-observance of staff instructions, through any own fault of the aggrieved party, or through force majeure or acts of God, in particular by the intervention of third persons. Contributory negligence will lead to equivalent apportionment of damage. Correspondingly, the same applies to respective equipment and facilities which have stated specific rules of use and for any usage prohibition or limitations as per point 1.3.
(4) Due to the standard and unavoidable risk of slipping in public swimming facilities, running is prohibited in all areas of the facility. The wearing of sliders, which guests can purchase at the cash desk, is strongly recommended. The swim facility is not liable for damages and accidents  that arise from the misuse of these provisions and recommendations.

2. Guest obligations
2.1. Entry tickets, keys, data media, prepaid cards:
(1) Use of Silvretta Therme is only permitted with a valid entry ticket, as per the current tariff information. Tariff information is part of the swimming policy.
(2) Entry tickets & data media chips are to be retained for the duration of the swim session. Lost entry tickets will not be re-issued. The visitor must leave the pool or purchase a new entry ticket.
(3) The facility is equipped with an electronic inspection and entry ticket system. Every visitor entitled to entry will receive – upon payment of the entry fee or as part of a media exchange for pre-purchase tickets – a data carrier chip (armband) at Reception, on which the booked entry areas (areas of the facility) and time limits are stored. This data carrier enables entry channels in the booked zones to be passed through, along with use of a changing room. The data carrier chip is not guest property and is to be returned to the cash desk upon leaving the facility. Any damaged or lost data carrier chips will be charged at € 10- incl. VAT. The data carrier chip is to be worn by every guest on their wrist and be visible to staff for the duration of their visit.
(4) Fees for consumption (catering establishment, spa, etc.), any additional fees for changing and zones that have not been booked and used in the facility during the visit, will be stored on the data carrier chip and are to be paid at the extra payment machine or at Reception before leaving the facility.
(5) Consumption per data carrier chips is limited as follows:
• For adults paying full price: € 350
• For children: € 50
For adults paying full price the limit can be increased to a one-off € 500 upon signature, higher limits or a general increase in the limit for children is possible upon payment of a deposit at the cash-desk
(6) The guest is liable for all additional consumption and fees on their data carrier chip. In the event of loss of the data carrier chip during a visit to Silvretta Seilbahn AG, Silvretta Therme, contact Reception immediately, bringing with you the receipt provided upon entry. All extra consumption on the data carrier chip is to be paid by the guest, up to the point of reporting. Reception staff will, via the cash receipt, block the data carrier chip and on request will issue a replacement data carrier (see
point 2.1 para. 3). If identification of the lost data carrier chip cannot be ascertained due to a missing cash desk receipt, the customer will be liable for consumption to the limit stated in point (5).
(7) Only one discount/price reduction can be granted per guest and transaction, additional discounts are not available. Claims for discounts or reduced rates must be made by the guest before completion of check-out, retrospective disputes are excluded.

2.2. Instructions from swim facility staff
(1) Guests are obliged to follow instructions from respective staff, without limitation.
(2) Anyone who breaches the swim policy or prohibition of use for specific facilities in Silvretta Therme (e.g. dive plinth or sauna), or limitations within point 1.3. para. 2, or who disobeys instructions from the respective staff, may, without claim to refund of the entry fee, be dismissed from  the pool by staff or other representatives of Silvretta Seilbahn AG, Silvretta Therme. In particularly serious cases any future visit may also be ruled out.  Non-compliance will result in the guest being liable to prosecution for trespass.
(3) Upon approach of storms, follow instructions from swim staff and if necessary vacate the outdoor pool in good time for safety reasons.

2.3. Hygiene terms
(1) Swim guests at Silvretta Therme are obliged to demonstrate cleanliness, in the event of wilful defilement, a fee for cleaning will be charged. The barefoot area is not to be entered in outdoor shoes.
(2) The swim facility is to be used with standard, hygienic inoffensive swim attire (e.g. swim suit, bikini, swim trousers and similar).
(3) Silvretta Therme is not to be used by persons who are ill, since they present a risk of infection to other swim guests.
(4) Shower prior to each entry to the pool for hygienic reasons. Showers are to be turned off immediately after use.
(5) The use of soaps, shampoos and detergents, as well as  the washing of swim attire in the swimming and bathing pools, is not permitted. Shaving, hair dying, manicures and pedicures are not permitted anywhere in the facility, including in the showers and changing rooms. Rubbish (bottles, glasses,
cans, paper etc.) is to be disposed of in the rubbish containers provided.
(6) Persons who believe they have, or have a proven Coronavirus infection are not permitted access.
(7) Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (hand hygiene).

2.4. Desist from hazards and disruption
(1) Every swim guest is obliged to pay heed to other swim guests, in particular with regard to the generation of noise. Anything that disturbs or indeed presents a danger to other swim guests is to be desisted from.
(2) The demarcated areas of the swim area are not to be breached.
(3) All facilities and pool areas can only be used for their intended purpose (e.g. non-swimmer area, water slides, children's splash pool)
(4) Standard etiquette in public facilities is to be adhered to. Any immoral, sexual or other lewd behaviour is not permitted and may be punished by exclusion (without refund of any entry fees already paid) as well as criminal charges.
(5) Photography and filming of people without their express consent is is strictly prohibited.

2.5. Diving area
(1) The dive area is in the sport pool and only at the diving plinth set up for it, at the designated times and as per instructions from swim staff. Diving may be limited or prohibited in accordance with the number of people at the pool.
Divers are to ensure that they do not endanger other swim guests. Pay particular attention to guests who are already in the water in the dive area, ensuring that there is no risk to yourself or to other swimming guests. Swimmers and divers are to respect one another. Diving in sideways, pushing or throwing other people into the water is not permitted.
(2) Diving is prohibited in all other pools.

2.6. Use of pools, equipment etc.
(1) Equipment and facilities provided at the pool are to be used in accordance with the rules of use.
(2) Anyone using equipment and facilities are to ensure that they are not endangering other guests. Swim guests who are in the vicinity of equipment and facilities that are being used, are to ensure that there is no risk to themselves or to other swim guests. Swim guests are to respect on another, and there is a specific obligation for minors to be supervised. Follow the instructions from staff.

2.7. Use of additional facilities
(1) Loungers may be used when they are available. Each swim guest can only claim use of one seat or lounger. If these are not being used, reservation by way of the placement of towels, bags and the like, is not permitted – if necessary, objects may be removed by swim staff. Compensation is required in the event of any damage to seating and lounger areas. There is no legitimate claim to a lounger.
(2) Use of individual loungers and relaxation rooms is only possible after advance reservation and payment of the respective usage fees. In the event of misuse of these clearly designated loungers and rooms, either a usage fee is to be paid afterwards or the lounger/room vacated, as per discussion with staff.
(3) Use of sports and play equipment (e. g. swim-fins, aqua lungs, snorkel equipment) is only permitted with the approval of supervisory staff. Use of eye protection goggles (swim goggles) is at your own risk.

2.8. Bringing in and loss of items
(1) Valuables are to be locked in the lockers provided. The swim facility is only liable for items stored in lockers up to the value of € 1000. (2) No liability is assumed for valuables brought to Silvretta Therme.
(3) Lost property is to be handed in to the swim cash-desk, with confirmation receipt. These will be stored as per legal guidelines and handed over to the authorities. No liability is assumed for theft or loss of unattended items (mobile phones, purses and the like).

2.9. Consumption of meals, alcohol and drinks – use of the catering facilities
(1) Food and drink can only be consumed in the designated areas.
(2) Use of glass items in the barefoot area is prohibited.
(3) Consumption of food and drink that you have brought in with you is not permitted.
(4) For hygiene reasons, a bathing robe and slippers must always be worn in the gastronomic areas in the spa and saunas.

2.10 Conduct in sauna facilities
(1) The purpose of the sauna facilities is to promote the health and relaxation of users.
(2) The sauna facilities are not an entirely textile-free area. In specific sections (e.g. catering areas, relaxation rooms) specific conditions apply.
(3) Due to their construction method, certain sections of the sauna facilities (panorama sauna, etc.) are not completely protected from people looking in from the outside. In these areas the operator recommends a bath towel be wrapped around your mid-section.
(4) Use of the sauna areas (sauna cabins, steam-bath) is only permitted unclothed.
(5) Showers must be taken before using the saunas, plunge pool or seating. Seating and loungers can only be used with a bathing robe or a dry, full-length sub-surface cover.
(6) For hygiene reasons seat covers and towels in steam and warm-air rooms are to be made from ceramic or plastic. Clean seating areas with the water hoses provided.
(7) Technical installations (e.g. heaters, lighting, sauna heaters including their protective grids and sensors) are not to be covered with objects.
(8) In saunas only a lounger towel/seat cover can be brought in.
(9) Sliders are not to be worn in the sauna and hot air rooms.
(10) In respect of others, loud conversations, the use of sweat scrapers, brushing and scratching are not permitted. Skin salves/exfoliation treatments using items you have brought, e.g. salt, honey etc., are not permitted in sauna areas.
(11) Users must be respectful and quiet in relaxation rooms. Avoid making any noise in tranquil/totally quiet relaxation rooms.
(12) Telephone calls, photography and filming are prohibited in the sauna area. Electronic media with which photographs and/or or films can be taken (e. g. Smartphone, tablet, E-Book readers etc.), can only be brought into and used in the catering areas.
(13) Persons who have health issues should check whether a sauna session has any specific risk for them.
(14) Traditionally there are special conditions in saunas and other perspiration areas, e.g. higher room temperatures, dim lighting, tiered benches and different heat sources. These require special attention from the user.
(15) Sauna infusions are to be carried out exclusively by and after consultation with sauna staff.

2.11. Miscellaneous
(1) Any kind of commercial activity or advertising in Silvretta Therme requires approval of the owners of the facility.
(2) A general smoking ban applies as per § 13 Para. 1 Tobacco and Indoor Smoking Act (TNRSG). Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
(3) The spa and sauna areas are to be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time.
(4) Should individual terms of this swim and usage policy be, or become, ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining terms is unaffected. In as far as possible, the contract content is in accordance with statutory guidelines.